Nate Harasim - #ShadesOfNate
Release Date: May 12, 2015
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Album Review

Nate Harasim, #ShadesofNate

Nate Harasim’s diverse musical career has found him producing #1 airplay hits and contributing to Grammy nominated projects for major artists – but that’s just the start of the magic he can create behind the boards. Operating his thriving Michigan studio Harasim Soundesign, he works with artists in a multitude of genres – classical, hip-hop, contemporary jazz, house, R&B, etc.- and helps artists find their individual voices. Ever the adventurer both in the studio and in his personal life, Harasim is in full glorious, freewheeling mode on #ShadesofNate, a generous 15 track collection (with three cool remixes) that celebrates and immerses itself in dynamic musical diversity. Fans of Harasim’s previous radio hits like “Different Kind of Love” and “Westbound” will find enough in the pocket, funky urban jazz gems to latch their heart and tapping feet to, but those are just the springboard for a set that boldly includes gritty rap/hip-hop, a wild twist on Beethoven and a unique spin on Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” which speeds the tempo just slightly and features a glorious lead vocal by his new labelmate Melina. While he’s capable of being a virtual one man band, Harasim enjoys vibing with a mix of urban jazz greats (Nils, Dave Koz, Darren Rahn), genre up and comers (Elan Trotman, Vandell Andrew) and some lesser known artists from his home state of Michigan (most prominently, rapper K-Squeeze and saxman Dr. Keith Newton). Listening to this masterpiece of musical adventure, in all its eclectic craziness, fun and melodic and rhythmic glory, it’s clear that Harasim is an artist in every sense of the world, forging an original identity via an unconventional but bright and visionary path that shows us more musical possibilities than anyone who fits into the “urban jazz” category has ever imagined before. – Jonathan Widran
- Jonathan Widran